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The Thomas Family Endorsement.

Missouri City & Fort Bend Co Pastor Endorsement

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Kim Pearson

Jenny Bailey

BJ Johnson

Neeta Sane

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Dear Friends,

I had the opportunity to witness Councilman Elackatt winning his first election in 2009 for Missouri City. I have watched him take office from day one with such high energy and tremendous amount of passion to serve the residents of Missouri City. This prompted me to serve. I then came forward in 2012 to serve the residents for City of Sugar Land, TX as the At-Large, Position 1. Thankfully, I was elected, and have continued to be immensely proud to serve the residents of City of Sugar Land, TX for the past eight years.

Councilman Elackatt and I had the opportunity to serve side by side representing our own cities for about three years till 2015. During those three years, I would run into Councilman Elackatt at The Fort Bend County Mayors Council Association events and we would immediately share notes on what each of us are doing for our own cities. If you know Robin, then you know that he had literally 100 questions for me on something we were working on. As I try to not talk about politics and have small talks, he finds a way to go back to wanting to know more about what we were doing. So, one day I asked him, how long do you sleep, and he said four hours on a good day Friends, here I rest my case.

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Councilman Elackatt is a great asset to Missouri City and I strongly believe that he will be a great Mayor. Looking from Sugar Land, TX, as your neighbor, I do see great growth and many more opportunities for Missouri City in the years ahead. I couldn't think of anyone else other than Robin Elackatt to move your City forward. I am giving you my vote of confidence and extending my support for him. I am very proud of Missouri City and God Bless!

Himesh Gandhi

Councilman, City of Sugar Land, TX.

At-Large, Position 1


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"I am excited to endorse Robin Elackatt for Mayor of Missouri City. I have served the City of Fulshear as Mayor, Chair of the Planning and Zoning Commission and President of the Fulshear Development Corporation for nearly 20 years. I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know Robin while I was the Mayor of Fulshear and Robin served on the Missouri City Council from 2009 to 2015.


Through our work in the Fort Bend Mayor and Council Association, we kept abreast of critical issues facing our region and developed a true friendship. Being a successful Mayor requires leadership, strong friendships, and collaboration within Missouri City and across Fort Bend County. Robin has all three.

Our communities face uncertainty with our local economies during this pandemic. Robin has hands-on experience to guide Missouri City with developing a balanced budget while planning and developing strategic projects critical to growth and sustainability. I have personally seen that Robin has the proven experience and personal traits to lead Missouri City as Mayor and I am proud to support him for Mayor of Missouri City, Texas."

- Tommy Kuykendall, Former Mayor of Fulshear, TX

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"Robin Elackatt is a hard-working, honest and savvy community leader in Missouri City. When he was on City Council previously, he was able to have different viewpoints from other members, but still maintain respectful relationships. He also was able to reach compromises, something that is sorely lacking in all walks of political lives these days. Over the last few years, Robin has also built his own personal business, so he has an important understanding of local business challenges in our community. Robin will help to unite City Council, as well as be the truly transparent leader our residents desire and deserve." - Angie Wierzbicki, Missouri City Resident

"I support Robin Elackatt for the Mayor of Missouri City because of his loyal and steadfast service when he served as City Council Member for District C from 2009-2015. As my council member, Robin worked hard with other Council Members to allocate funds to make sidewalk repairs and improve our city’s parks such as The Missouri City Edible Arbor Trail


Robin knows that safety is a major reason why people move here. He will make sure that our police and fire departments operate with integrity and efficiency to protect and serve our community. I’m confident that Robin is ready and able to serve as our mayor and move Missouri City forward as one of the premier cities to live and work in. Vote FOR Missouri City by voting FOR Robin Elackatt!"

- Jenny Bailey, Proud Missouri City Resident, Business Owner and Former FBISD Board of Trustee

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We need to vote our values this fall so I’ll be voting for Robin Elackatt for Mayor of Missouri City. He stands for mutual respect for others, safety, security, individual freedoms, quality of life and is not afraid to battle the damage that has been done by the current administration and to set on the path to greatness. We have known Robin quite a while now and know that he has a strong heart for service and stewardship and leads with integrity. He is young enough to be idealistic and old enough to have experience. If you know him, then you know that he is a visionary leader who knows Missouri City well, having served on the City’s Parks Board from 2007 and from 2009 - 2015 as the District C Council member. He is someone who will work tirelessly to improve our city and who isn’t afraid to upset the apple cart if it’s for the greater good. Robin understands now more than ever, we need a city government that is transparent and accountable. I know that he will use his knowledge, with the power of the mayor’s office behind him and working closely with other council members, to dismantle the parts of city government that don’t work and to embrace the parts that do work and to develop smart, innovative ways to move Missouri City forward. "YES, Together, we can move Missouri City forward”. Please support him and tell everyone you know to vote for Robin" - Steve & Marita Pratt, Missouri City Residents.

In 2008, Robin Elackatt was the president of the HOA of Colony Lakes.  I had met him a couple of times at the annual meeting but nothing spectacular for him to remember me as a homeowner.  When Hurricane Ike came through, power was out for the entire community for numerous days.  All of the neighborhood had power restored except for about 4 homes on the cul-de-sac I live on.  Robin did a drive-thru down our street and noticed we were without power long after the rest of the neighborhood.  Robin notified the power companies we were still without power and thankfully our power was restored shortly.


What made this stick in my memory is that Robin did not know us; he did not care what our ethnic background was; he knew we were neighbors who were in need.  Robin is a man of honor and cares deeply for his neighbors. 


I’ve watched Robin over the years.  I was thankful when he was on the City Council.  After he left the City Council, I followed him via Facebook.  Robin is a caring man for his family and friends.  I want to add Robin is a caring man for his neighbors! 


Dena Lee

Missouri City Resident

Robin Elackatt, the former District C Council Member has done a superb job during his last six years in office. 

To give you a little background, Elackatt represented District C, which encompasses the subdivisions on the east side of Missouri City and the neighborhoods that surround the Highway 6 corridor. Most of District C’s neighborhoods are about 10 to 30 years newer than Quail Valley and its surrounding neighborhoods, which form the central section of Missouri City. So, the needs of District C and Quail Valley are vastly different. Because it is older, Quail Valley needs redevelopment and investment, while District C primarily has needed extensive sidewalk repair, more police presence,and Highway 6 median enhancement. 

In each of these issues for District C, Elackatt has stepped up to the plate, made our case before the Council, and has got things done. In my opinion, Elackatt is better fit to serve the entire city as the Mayor. 

Sidewalk repair has been an issue for First Colony-Missouri City residents for at least 15 years. The repairs were needed due to upended sidewalks caused by the roots of “street trees,” planted between the sidewalk and the street. In many subdivisions, the sidewalks were so damaged that they were a hazard to pedestrians. Due to the large costs involved and a controversy about responsibility, Missouri City delayed repairs for years until Elackatt and residents convinced the City it was their obligation to repair the damage. Elackatt spent many hours demonstrating through pictures from residents that the sidewalks were indeed a safety hazard. This was a huge issue for District C and continues to be an issue due to ongoing problems with the repairs made and related issues. 

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Howard Moline
Missouri City resident

I personally think Elackatt is well suited to being The Mayor. He is naturally friendly and has networked well with residents throughout District C. In his first election, Elackatt walked every neighborhood in his District twice to make sure that he had personal contact with every resident that he could. He’s been a dedicated and conservative politician who knows the issues and takes stands but also how to compromise. He takes time to attend our neighborhood meetings and wants to be informed about all community issues. Being a City Mayor and a Council Member for District is difficult and demanding and Elackatt has proven he has the skills to do the job well as our next Mayor.